Student Services

We understand that learning styles and abilities are as diverse as the children we serve. Our special education and English language programs target the specific needs these exceptional learners require. 

Special Education

Our special education (SPED) program provides students ages three to 22 with identified disabil­ities a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) that meets California state stan­dards. 


Parents, teachers, school personnel, or other agencies may refer a student for an ini­tial educational evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will work together to develop the student's indi­vidualized education plan (IEP) and ensure appropriate accommodations.

English Language Program

There are many programs and services to help students who do not speak, read, write or understand English well as a result of English not being their home language. The overall goal is to improve the English language skills of English learner students, immigrant students and migrant students, and provide information to their parents about services available.

Special Education/Student Services Contact