Howell Mountain Elementary School District (HMESD) is a small, rural, single-school district located in Angwin, California. For more than 125 years, Howell Mountain School has provided students with an exceptional public education from the early years in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. We are a small school with a personal touch. Serving just over 90 students, our small size affords us the opportunity to understand and accommodate the individual needs of every single student in our care. 

A Message from Our Superintendent and Principal

Welcome Back, Families! 

Wow! Where has this summer gone? I am just reaching out to inform families of some new procedures, so everyone feels comfortable on the first day of school. Please share the following procedures with your children. 

  • We will not require students to wear masks outdoors; however, we will require the students to wear masks indoors. Students are to arrive with masks and may place their face covering under their chin while eating or at play. 
  • As you are aware, school drop-off time will be from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. The school will begin at 8:30 a.m. All students will have the same start time which may pose a problem in our drive-through area. For this reason, I am reminding parents that we will not be able to allow parents to walk their children to their classrooms. Please pull all the way through at drop off, help your child get out of the car and students may then go to their assigned spaces. Please do not double up in the drive-through area. We also have a new crosswalk, which will need to remain clear. Keep an eye out for our students who walk to school! 
  • Kindergarten to third-grade students will exit vehicles and will stand on a colored dot by the front of the school. Once several students arrive, Ms. Ariana will escort the group of students to the lower playground, where they will place their backpacks and lunchboxes by their classrooms and then the students may play until 8:30 a.m., when the bell will ring to line up at their classroom doors. 
  • Fourth to eighth-grade students will exit their vehicles and will head straight to their classrooms to place their school supplies by their classroom door. From here, students may go to recess until 8:30 a.m. 
  • Parents will continue to be responsible to perform a self-health check for their children. We will require all students who are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms to remain at home for ten days or until they have a negative COVID-19 test result. Teachers will perform temperature checks each time students enter their classrooms. We will not take temperatures at drop-off time. 
  • School dismissal is at 2:35 p.m. Please adhere to the same procedures for pick up. Pull all the way forward against the curb. Please do not double up vehicles and please be mindful of the crosswalk. Teachers will walk their students to each car. 
  • There will be a Boys and Girls Club after-school program from 2:35 to 6:00 p.m. Please fill out the appropriate paperwork for club entrance or contact Lainey.

With everyone working together, our first few days should run very smoothly! I am very excited to welcome everyone back to school. Let’s go, Leaders of the Pack!

Dr. Janet Tufts

Dr. Janet Tufts