Howell Mountain Elementary School District (HMESD) is a small, rural, single-school district located in Angwin, California. For more than 125 years, Howell Mountain School has provided students with an exceptional public education from the early years in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. We are a small school with a personal touch. Serving just over 90 students, our small size affords us the opportunity to understand and accommodate the individual needs of every single student in our care. 

Superintendent Search

McPherson & Jacobson and the Howell Mountain Elementary School District will re-post their Superintendent Search until filled.

A Message from Our Superintendent and Principal

Dear Families, 

Seven years ago, I accepted a job offer to become the Superintendent/Principal of Howell Mountain Elementary School. Upon first seeing Howell Mountain Elementary, I knew it was a diamond in the rough. There were rough edges to this little school that I knew would benefit from a polishing touch. In fact, I shared with a parent that true transformational change takes three to five years. Not too surprisingly, Howell Mountain turned the comer and became recognized in our county as an educational contender within three years. The Howell Mountain Elementary School District Board of Trustees has been integral in supporting the transformation of this school district. One of our accomplishments includes creating a strong vision for our district and community that supports the statement: "Howell Mountain Elementary School District provides an environment where all students, staff, and parents are given the opportunity to reach their potential." In addition, we have been able to accomplish many goals with the commitment of the dedicated staff that accepted the changes and challenges that were cast their way. This letter is to inform you all about a recent change within our school district and the Howell Mountain family. I am announcing the time has come for me to pass the baton to the next educational leader for the Howell Mountain Elementary School District. I have enjoyed every moment of steering this district to excellence, fostering friendships, and encouraging the best from all. After 35 years in education, I will officially retire at the end of June 2024.


Dr. Janet Tufts

Dr. Janet Tufts

Please take a moment to read Dr. Tufts' complete retirement letter and her letter of gratitude to Howell Mountain families.