School Board

The Howell Mountain Elementary School District Board is charged with the direction and solvency of the district. Our board members make personnel, financial, curricular, and other major decisions. 

Get Involved

The Board welcomes the public at their meetings and invites everyone to become more involved in the process of making Howell Mountain School a great place to educate Angwin's youth, whether it be volunteering in the classroom or participating in school governance.

Represent Your Community

One of the many ways we ensure our school is a positive influence in the community is through communication and collaboration. Serving as a board trustee is a wonderful way for Angwin residents to visibly represent our community.

Registered voters living within the boundaries of the school district elect our board members to four-year terms, with an election held every two years in conjunction with the statewide November elections. There are no filing fees or signature requirements to run. If you are interested in running for the school board, you can contact the Napa County Elections Office at (707) 253-4321.

Our Board Members

If you would like more information about the board, its responsibilities, or school policies, please contact the board secretary, Dr. Janet Tufts, at (707) 965-2423.

Wendy Yorgensen
(707) 965-9580
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Term Expires: 2024 (4-year position)

Cynthia Gosling
(707) 362-0617
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Term Expires: 2022 (2-year position)

Duane White
(916) 501-9022
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Term Expires: 2022 (2-year position)

Ryan Hackett

David Quigley