About Howell Mountain Elementary School District

  • Howell Mountain School is located in Angwin, California, and is a single-school School District.
    Howell Mountain School has served students in the Angwin community for more than 125 years! HMS provides students with an exceptional public education from the early years in Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
    Boasting a 1-to-1 device ratio, all of our students have simultaneous access to a laptop or tablet during the school day. As we move towards a digital curriculum, this becomes incredibly important in ensuring the success of our students during their time at our school.
    We believe that education is a partnership between school and home, and we cannot do this alone. We invite every parent, guardian, family and community member to learn more about our school, visit, and contribute to the programs we have put in place.
    The future of Angwin's children rest with all of us.
  • Vision Statement

    Howell Mountain Elementary School District provides an environment where all students, staff, and parents are given the opportunity to reach their potential.

  • Mission Statement

    The Mission of Howell Mountain School is to provide an integrated system of education for students in kindergarten through eighth grade that embraces and accomplishes the following:

    1. Educating, enriching, and motivating students to achieve their fullest potential and become lifelong learners.

    2. Providing and further developing a positive, safe and enriching environment.

    3. Providing and supporting students in academic challenges that foster and nurture problem solving and self-esteem.

    4. Effectively utilizing the talents, services, and support of our staff, parents, and community.

    5. Preparing students to be citizens of good character who will move successfully into subsequent academic programs with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills for leading healthy, productive, and rewarding lives.
  • Howell Mountain School invites you to visit us, tour our facility, meet our staff, and join in our mission of educating Angwin's youth! Please feel free to call us (707-965-2423) or stop by during school hours!